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Plsss give these answers asap i (expect) you (hear) that he (win) a gold medal for bravery O. We to to a Last we (go) to Sind. So else this time. (wait) eagerly trip The Future Tense Of Intention Let's Learn Going to is used imlicate: • We going to our break in Kashmir this year • Were going to plant some apple trees in mir garden. • you going learn h • When are you going to take the driving test? • The farmers are to more pulsB this year. what is considered likely or • Be careful! ice going to C rack. • long is this tage goi ng to ontinue? • Look at those blank going to have a storm. • Youa better take an umbrella with you. It's going to rain. future time when there is no reference to external conditions or • I'm going to tell story I shall tell you a story). Mr Gill is going to be appointed principal in the near future Exercises Fiu in the blanks using will or going to along with an appropriate verb. I. Look at the clouds. It 1.1 2. Peter . . 15 next Wednes&y. 92

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