plz add some examples of jumbled up sentences with thier solutions also..

We have provided a solved example and a couple of chapter tests on Sentence Reordering on our website. Kindly go through them and let us know if you face any difficulty. For more questions on this topic, you may search the Ask & Answer forum.

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Solved exercises
1. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful
sentences. The first one has been done as an example.
the watermelon/thirst quenchers/in summers/is/one of the best.
One of the best thirst quenchers in summers is the watermelon.
a- around/it is/96 countries/cultivated in/the world.
b- in Africa/about 5000 years/grown/ago/it was/first.
c- say that/at the/it was grown/some researchers/same time/in India.
d- the travellers/across a desert/it was/when they/used by/travelled.
a- It is cultivated in 96 countries around the world.
b- It was first grown in Africa about 5000 years ago.
c- Some researchers say that it was grown in India at the same time.
d- It was used by travellers when they travelled across a desert.
2. ( a) water supply/they get/they eat/from/all their/the leaves
(a) inhabited//tree leaves/so,/by koalas/in areas/of/is high/demand
(b) one group/it takes/to support/several acres/of koalas/of trees
(c) can eat/every day/each/one and a half kilograms/adult Koala/up to /of leaves
ANS: (a) They get all their water supply from the leaves they eat.
(a) So, in areas inhabited by Koalas demand of tree leaves is high.
(b) It takes several acres of trees to support one group of Koalas.
(c) Each adult Koala can eat one and a half kilograms of leaves every day.
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