Plz ans 18 and 19 with explanation

18) Valency of A = 3So it exists as A3+Valency of B =2So it exists as B2-Thus the formula of the compound is A3B2Cross multiply = A2B3Option 1 is correct.19) Formula of the compound is A2B5Cross multiplyA exists as A5+ and B exists as B2-That means the valence electrons are 5 and 6Thus option 2 is correct

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19 ans what
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See Priyanshi A2B5 means A5+ and B2-. So for A we have 5 electrons in the outermost shell for A and in case of B2- , it falls in the O2- group. Thus it will have 6 electrons in its outermost shell.
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See Priyanshi, if element A has 3 electrons in the outermost shell ,then it will have charge A3+,that u too know about it. Now if element B has 6 electrons in the outermost shell , then it will have B2-, cause removing 2 electrons is easier than removing 6 electrons, you konw that. Thus the element thus formed will be:- A2B3. Hope it helps you...^_^
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