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Plz ans d ques fast (3) It isthe human earth thatwe defile, Our hel Is offireand dustoutrage the innocence Ofairthat is everywhere our own. (e) How is the air everywhere our own? Remember, no men are foreign, and no countries strange. (a) What makes the poet refer to earth as human earth i? (d) What would the poet like the readers to do? (b) How do we generate 'hellk of fire' and 'outrage the innocence pfair'? (B) Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each: QI. does the poet condemn wars? Q2. How do poli tical boundaries and military uniforms divide the world? Q3. What kind oflife do most peoplein the world want to lead? How does naturebestow its bounties on all without discrimination? Q5. How does war affect mankind and nature? Who tells us to hate others? Why? Q6. How do we betray ourselves when we hate Others? How do we harm ourselves by waging wars upon others? Q9. What does the poet think ofpeople who take arms against each other? QIO . How do human beings defile the human earth? (C) Answer the following questions in about 100-150 words each: QI. "No Men are Foreign" is a desperate cry for universal peace and brotherhood. Discuss. Q2. All human beings are inherently the same. Why do people of one nation hate the people ofother nations? Q3. How does the poet express the idea of oneness ofmankind? Q4. The message of the poem 'No Men most relevant in the present dayworld. Discuss;

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Q.1 In the last lines of this convincing poem, the writer again advises us that taking "arms against each other," that is war, is in actuality pointless. The very human earth is demolished through war, scorn and abuse of any sort. The earth can end up assaulted and contaminated through war and misuse with the steady terminating, devastation and heaping up of residue and trash. The air that we inhale likewise ends up polluted too.

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