Plz ans the following question with full explanation for each of them

Q. Which of th following are covered under the domestic territory of India ?

1. An Indian Company in London.

2. Microsoft Office in India .

3. Company in India owned by a Japanese.

4. Office of Reliance Industries in New York

5. Branch of Foreign Bank in India.

6. Indian Embassy in Japan.

7. Branch of State Bank of India in China.

8.Russian Embassy in India.

9. Tata rented its building to Google in America.

Dear student, 
For answering such questions the following points must be remembered with regard to domestic territory:
  • It includes the political frontiers of the country
  • Embassies, consulates and military bases of the country that are located abroad
  • Ships, aircrafts operated between different countries
  • Fishing vessels, oil and natural gas rigs operated by residents in international waters
Based on the above points the answer to your question is as follows:
1. Not included in domestic territory
2. ​Included in domestic territory
3. ​Included in domestic territory
4. Not included in domestic territory
5. ​Included in domestic territory
6. Included in domestic territory
7. ​Not included in domestic territory
8. ​Not included in domestic territory
9. Not included in domestic territory


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