Plz ans this

Plz ans this Av-nvrn Aim: To observe the Cells when in solution sugan'«alt this take in it in the Observations Observations. (a) egg up up Conclusion. dib Solution, of water 'he egg. but salt solut.on, the aroun' of water that corre out than of water entering, so egg shrinks, Answer the fouowing questions based on abtwe adivity: I. Why do cell swell up in hypotonic solution? 2. By which pro«ess cells shrink in hypertonic solutions? SUGGESTED ACIIVITIES I. To understand the shapes of different types of cells, permanent slides of following should be observed under microscope: "•lls (Y) tvt[vscles cockroach leg (C) S mea (d) Spirogyra filaments. 2. To observe that living cells plasmolysis. Mount the RLeo leaf peel in water and the other peel from boiled Of Rheo. i in pond water. sample of water can be taken. Few drol" of water are 3. To the o s Observed under the to see 'he living organ 'S in it, e.g., bacteri•, diatoms, algae, etc. 4. TO Observe the movement Of cytoplasm within Of is taken on the Slide. the material is coveæd with a coverslip. It is first focu"evl under low power then high pmver. You Can the clockwise and anticlockwise movements Of cytoplasm in the PROJECTS I. Find microscope the through internet and library. Make a its structure and uses. '*port 2. Collect information *bout viruse., their structutes and method of division. Why do they divide in a living dn they the machinery 01 living Cell 'o multiply? 3. Find out the cells divide. The size of organism by division of pr•yexisting cells. The methods of cell divisim mitosis and "uiosis, their outline and their sites

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The shell is a hard protective surface. When it is present it does not allow water to seep inside the egg. When this shell is removed water can easily move inside because the concentration of water is less inside the egg than outside, and thus causes swelling of the egg.
2. The process by which cell shrinks in hypertonic solution is called osmosis. 

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