Plz answer 4

Plz answer 4 Te le ngana ? J. Tberewasastockof85.90,8G5 quintals of wheat in a godown oftheF„ India. Out of this stock, 17,89,564 quintals was sent to Punjab was sent to Delhi. How much is the balance stock now? 4. A by Find the number. + 5. By how much is 15 69 748 smaller than 6. By how much is larger than 86, 78,215? . What number must subtracted from 23 56,714 to get S. What must be added to to get 9. The sumoftwo numbers is If one ofthenumbersis4&21, 10. A man had with him. He gave and the balance to his daughter. How much money does the daugh 11. Swati saves per month. How much she will save in 12. The cost ofa chgir is How much will such 245 chairs cost? A factor-v 9,675 screws in n daw How manvscrewswillit

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