plz 6 question answer i need

plz 6 question answer i need 5. 7. 8. c.d.r,f} (ii) {l, 36.3}, j- and C' In a Class. students part in either music ov drama ov both. 25 siudents take part in music, 30 students take part in drama and students take part in rnusic and drama. Find Elbe number of students who take part in only music. (ii) The number of students who take part in only drama. (iii) The total number Of students in the class. In a party of 45 people, each one likes tea or coffee or both. 35 peopie hike tea and 20 people like cot-lee. Find the number of people who (i) like both tea and coffee. (ii) do not like Tea. (iii) do not like coffee. In an ,examination of the students passed in Mathematics and of students passed in Science while students failed in both subjects, 300 studentsA3assed both the subjects. Find the total number of students who appeared in the examinatwn, if they took examination in only two subjects. A and B are two sets such that n(A-B) = 32 + x, n(B-A) = fix and n(AAB) = x. Vhusüate the inlOrmation by means of a Venn diagram. Given that nun, calo.ilate value of x, Out of 500 car owners investigated, 400 owned car A and 200 Owned owned both A and B cars. Is this data correct? a colony, 275 buy Tamil newspaper, 130 famiiies buy English newspaper, 4-1 iåmiiies buy Hindi newspaperv 125 families buy Tamil and English newspapers.

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