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Plz answer fast And give full and correct answer Q.28. A container in the shape Of a frustum of a cone having diameters Of its two circular faces as 35 cm and 30 cm and vertical height 14 cm, is completely filled with oil. If each cm3 of oil has mass 1.2 g, then find the cost of oil in the container when it costs per kg. . In figure, a cone of radius 10 cm is divided into two parts by drawing a plane through the mid-point of its axis, parallel to its base. Compare the volumes of the two parts. Q. . A hollow cone is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the upper portion is removed- If the curved surface of the remainder is — of the curved surface of the whole cone, find the ratio of the line segments into which the altitude of the cone is divided by the plane. Solutions 1. Diagonal of the largest cube 5. Let radius of original cylinder R = Diameter of the sphere = 2r = 2(35) = 70 cm and Height of original cylinder = H 2. Diameter of sphere = d units Suppose side of the cube = x units Diagonal of the cube x units For largest cube, x = d 3. Let radii of both cylinder and cone = r and height of both cylinder and cone = h Volume of cyl. Ttr2h Now Rååiutsgqreduced cylinder = Héigh!df reduced cylinder = H Volume of reduced cylinder Volume of original cylinder RR2H Ratio = 1 : 4 6. Diameter of the base of cylinder = 28 m Radius, r = 14 m; Height = h

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Ques 29: Volume of larger part=1/3(22/7*100*h)
               Volume of smaller cone=1/3(22/7*25*(h/2))
                On dividing the volume of larger cone by the volume of smaller cone
                 On solving we get 8:1.
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