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Plz answer fast plzz plzzzzz answer fast Tlwietttences below have pronoun-related errors. Rewrite the sentence by correcting the errors. I. 'We haven't seen Anita for many days. We heard that they are unwell. 2. ne children were encouraged to do the project ourselves. 3. and Ankita went to see a film last Saturday. •4. try to solve the puzzle himself. If you cannot, then I will give you clue 5. ou and Hamid could go to the theatre early and buy tickets for all of rselves. 6. Father scolded my sister and I for coming back home so late. love my little brother and never get angry with himself. cre were no porters to help us so we carried our luggage itself. e pan is very hot. Pick them up very carefully. 9. did not understand the joke. Can you please tell him once more?

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