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Plz answer fast Of (i) propan- 1-01 (ii) propan-2-ol (iii) 2-methylpropan-l-ol (iv) 2-methylpropan-2- 01. 12. Write the struct ures of three isomeric alkenes obtained by acid catalysed dehydration of pentan- 13. Write the structures of isomeric alkenes that on catalytic hydrogenation gave isopentane. 14. Write the structure of the alkyl halide obtained by the action of hydrogen bromide on pent-I-ene (i) in presence of peroxide (ii) in absence of peroxide. 5. Write the structure of alkene that on ozonolysis produces a mixture of formaldehyde and acetone. 6. Write the structures of aldehydes that are obtained on ozonolysis of (i) but -I-ene and (ii) but-2-ene? What is the action of following reagents on (i) but- I-ene and (ii) but-2-ene? (i) Bromine (ii) Cold and dilute alkaline KMn04 Suggest a simple chemical test to distinguish propane and propene.

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