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Solution :

In the first set, the water is maintained at a temperature higher than 4°C and the cylindrical vessel is filled with the water. The reading of two thermometer is noted. The freezing mixture containing ice and salt is added to the trough and after some time temperature is noted. In this case the temperature of the water in the lower part of the vessel below the trough is found to be less as compared to the upper part. It can be explained by keeping in mind that the addition of freezing mixture decreased the temperature of the water and due to an increase in density the water of lower temperature sinks down resulting in lowering of temperature of thermometer 2 as compared to the temperature of thermometer 1. 
• In second set, the water is maintained to a temperature near to 4°C and filled in the cylinder. After the addition of freezing mixture, the temperature of water drops below 4°C and it becomes to expand and thus comes to the upper part. Thus the temperature of the upper part of the vessel decreases resulting in lowering of the temperature of thermometer 1 as compared to temperature of thermometer 2.

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