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Plz answer me DETERMINERS AND ARTICLES 1. Fill in the blanks with determiners given in brackets 1. Do you have 2. Do you have child (any/ more). 3. Here is few/enough). good news for me (a, both). information about the lost water in the jug for every one (a 4. I shall be going to Bombay for (much/some). days 5. How 6. He takes milk sugar did you buy? (many/much) day. (each/every) 7. The cake was very tasty. two pieces each. (most/more) of the girls ate

Dear student
1. a
2. any
3. enough
4, some
5. much
6. every
7. Most

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1) a
2) any
3) a few
4) some
5) much
6) every day
7) most
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