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plz answer my questions ne measure ot of an angle of 1 35 D the supplement is 4.50. . The measurw of the angles are 80' and 1006. Practice Set 17 . Write the measures of the supplements of the angles given below. (iii) 1200 (iv) 370 (v) 1080 (O) 00 The measures of some angles are given below. Use them to make pairs of 2. 3. 4. 5- 7. complementary and supplementary angles. mZB 60' ,nZD = 750 ,nZN 300 ,nZE = ,nZY 900 ,nZF ISO mZJ - mZG = 1200 In AXYZ. ,nZY = 900. What kind or a pair do ZX and ZZ make? The ditTerence between the measures of the two angles of a complementary pair is 400. Find the measures of the two angles. DPTNM is a rectangle. Write the names of the pairs of supplementary angles. Jf mZA = 700, what is the measure of the supplement of the complement of LA? then what would be If ZA and LB are supplenwntary angles and mZB - (x _ ,nZA? 27

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