Plz answer quickly!!Why depreciation on part of the machinery sold is not added in the operating activities in cash flow statement?

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Please note that the depreciation charged on any machinery in the current year or during the year is added in operating activity. For E.g
Suppose a machinery purchased in 2012-13, is sold on 30th Sep 2014. So for the cash flow statement of 2014-15, Depreciation on this machinery till 30th sep 2014 i.e from 01st Apr 2014 to 30th Sep 2014 shall be added in the profit under operating activities.

Usually, in the question, it is given accumulated depreciation on the machine sold, this accumulated depreciation includes the depreciation of current year also.

And the other Depreciation figure we arrive from accumulated depreciation account contains the depreciation on this machinery as well till its date of Sale.

Therefore the Depreciation which we add in operating activity included depreciation on machine sold also.

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Because that machinery is already sold and we use it to find out the profit or loss on aale of machinery and depreciation on remaining mach is added in operating activity
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But machinery is sold during the year so deoreciation must have been charged for some months in the current year through profit and loss account?
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