Plz answer the 2nd one

Plz answer the 2nd one - 7 ICO 26 in AGCD God are Paralle)00rams Comrnoo k:c.s 9600 G) 300 D 150 e 120 Ans In loot-am ACID 42300, LßCC 1500 150

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Please find below the solution to the asked query :

BAC=30°BAC=BCD=30°       Opposite angles of parallelogram are equal EBC=BCD=30°       BEDC,  Alternate interior angles are equal CBD=90°                        Since BCBDECB = CBD=90°       CE  DB, alternate interior angles are equal In BCE, Using Angle Sum PropertyEBC + ECB + BEC=180°30°+90°+BEC=180°120°+BEC=180°BEC=180°-120°BEC=60°      ANS...
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