plz answer these questions

plz answer these questions for charity • were distributed Krishna Bros. : overable as he became insol bt.s in previous year is written o only 50 poise in a rupee is (i) Deprecia An amount ore 500 which was insolvent, • ted into the Bank the , deposi which was received from (iv' Sohnn Who owes the books of Harpreet . 20 20,000 were stolen by an employee. d to Ratn Bros., as the goods were hazardo•. (ii) costing e 10,000 were health of consumers. ns : (Ans. Total of J/E e 80.0001 (i) sold goods costing 12,000 to Bansal Bros., issued invoice at become insolvent. He paid 10,000 in full settlement out of [Ans. Total of J,'E 27,960] (B) Very Short/Short Answer Type Questions 22. Journalise (i) Goods worth 500 were given as charity. (ii) Received 975 from Harikishan in full settlement of his account 1,000. (iii) Received a first and final dividend of 60 paise in a rupee from the official Ranjan, who owed 100. 23. Journalise : (i) Goods worth 400 were given as charity out of business. (ii) Received cash 500 of a debt written off last year. (iii) Interest charged on drawings @ 5%. Total drawings were 10,000. 24A Journalise the following transactions : (i) A textile mill buys yarn for making cloth for 20,000 and pays GST @ 4%. (ii) The textile mill sells its product (cloth) to the garment manufacturer for cash R 50," collects GST @ (iii) Textile mill deposit the difference of amount of GST paid and GST collected into Department. [Ans. GST Input 800, GST Output 4,000; Amount to be deposited into GST 24B. Journalise the following transactions : (i) Goods worth 500 destroyed by fire. 212

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The solution to questions 19A and 19B are provided below:

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