plz Answer this question it's very important!!!

plz Answer this question it's very important!!! Recording Of Business Transactions : Paid e 2,500 in installation of a cheque Of 7.500 in Of Parmatma saran & son. on of Journalise the following : 25. (i) Subham invested in business opened a Current Account in bank with 1.20000. (iii) Purchased goods ror 60.000 and 2,000 for Carriage Purchased goods for from Rashmi. tans. Total e 26. Journalise the following transactions : (i) Goods worth 500 were used by the proprietor for domestic purposes. Goods uninsured worth 3,000 were destroyed by fire. (iii) paid 250 as wages on installation of a New Machine Charge depreciation @ p.a. on furniture costing 10,000 for 9 months. 27. pass Journal entries : (i) Started business with cash 15.000 and goods 10,000. (ii) Sold goods to Ram 5,000 at 10% trade discount. (iii) Gave goods worth 1,000 for charity. (iv) Goods lost by fire 5,000. Insurance company admitted claim of 3.000. [Ans. e 40,5001 Journalise the following transactions : (i) An employee stole away goods worth 1,000 and cash 500 and is now absconding. (ii) Goods worth e 20,000 were insured for 15,000 and annual insurance premium@ 5% has been paid on them. (iii) An old machine costing 5,000 was sold for 6,000. (iv) Sold goods costing 1,000 to Deep Shikha, issued invoice at above costless 10%trade discount. [Ans. 9,330] 28B. Journalise the following transactions in the books of Harpreet Bros. • (i) 1,000 due from Rohit are now bad debts. (ii) Goods worth 2,000 were used by the proprietor. (iii) Charge depreciation @ 10% p.a. for two months on machine costing 30,000. (iv) Provide interest on capital of e at 6% p.a. for 9 months. (v) Rahul who owed 2,000 becomes insolvent, a final dividend of 60 paise in a rupee is received from his estate. 28C. Journalise the following transactions in the books of Suresh of Mysore giving narrations • (i) Suresh commenced business with cash 8,250 and furniture 1,000. (ii) Sold old machinery for 500 to Sunil. (iii) Paid 510 to Sushil who allowed us discount 20. (iv) Paid salaries to Abdullah 1,000. (v) Paid in the Bank 500. [Ans. Total e 11,780] Nitish for cash 5,000. Also paid 50 for their carr'*e. 00.000 purchased for the construction of build 29. Journalise the following :

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Journal in the books of Shubham
Date Particulars    Debit   Credit 
1 Cash A/c Dr.            200,000  
    To Capital A/c                200,000
  (Being invested in business)      
2 Bank A/c Dr.            120,000  
    To Cash A/c                120,000
  (Being opened a current account in bank)      
3 Purchase A/c Dr.               60,000  
  Carriage inward A/c Dr.                 2,000  
    To Cash A/c                   62,000
  (Being goods purchased for cash and carriage paid)      
4 Purchase A/c Dr.            100,000  
    To Rashmi A/c                100,000
  (Being goods purchased on credit)      
  Total              482,000            482,000


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