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Plz answer this question 5. A rectangular sheet of paper 18 into curved of a right circular cylinder in two ways. Find the ratio of v Of the cylinders Fir-a the volume of the metal in a hollow cylinder open atbothends is 28 cm, thickness 3-5 cm and height 10 cm. [Hint: External radius — 14 Internal radius — Volume Of the metal in hollow cylinder 7(14 14 — 105 IOS) 10 cu 7. The radii Of two cylinders are in the ratio 2 • . 3 and their heights are in the ratio 5 3. Ca the ratio of their volumes. 8. A 20 m deep well with diameter 7 m is dug up and the earth (mitti) from digging is evenly to form a platform 22 m x 14 m. Determine the height of the platform. 9. A metallic pipe has bore (inner diameter) of 5 cm. The pipe is 2 mm thick all round. Find weight, in kg, Of 2 m of the pipe if cu cm Of the metal weighs 7-7 gm. (Take It = 3.14) 10. Earth taken out on digging a circular tank of diameter 17.5 m is spread all around the uniformly to a width Of 4 m to form an embankment Of height 2 m. Calealate the depth of circular tank correct to 2 decirnal places. (The depth of the tank is uniform [Hint: Let the depth Of the circular tank be h metres. The embankment is a circular path, 4 m wide, round the tank and the radius of the 17.5 2 h cu m Volume Of the earth dug out volume of the tank = — x 255 175 Outer radius of the embankment 2 17.5 22 255 x 2 cu m V Of the embankment = 2 2 7 = volume of earth dug out volume of embankment But, 22 17.5 17.5 2 i, - 225 m.)

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