Plz check my answers 
Fill in the blanks with appropriate adjectives from the brackets
1. His elder son is a doctor. (eldest/ older)
2. I am   confident   around new people. (confident/easily)
3. I was   excited before a party. (excited/nervously)
4. I try to be a   friendly   Person (nicer /friendly)
5. I tell bad   jokes. (bad/well)
6. There is some   milk in the  jar . (some/ few)
7. I hope other people think I look attractive
8. I like people who are taller  than me. (taller/tall)
9. It’s never a problem for me to remember people’s names. I do that easily . (easily/automatic)
10. Let’s walk a little farther (farther/ next)


Dear student,

All your answers are correct except:
1. His eldest son is a doctor. (eldest/ older)

Keep up the good work and keep practising!


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