plz define barrier potential.


In a PN junction the depletion layer is formed due to diffusion of holes and electrons. The diffusion causes the P type material to be negatively charged and the N type material to be positively charged. 

The electric field existing within the depletion layer due to the charges on the P and N blocks gives rise to a potential difference across the depletion layer. This potential difference is called depletion layer. For Si diode, barrier potential is between  0.5V to 0.7V and for germanium diodes it is 0.1V to 0.3V.

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 it is the potential difference accross the depletion region and this act as a barrier to the majority charge carriers that is electrons wrt n-type and holes wrt p-type other words barrier potential stops the flow of diffusion current.

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  The natural difference of potential that exists across a forward biased pn junction.

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