plz explain activity 13.1 of ch 13 why do we fall ill on page no 176 plzz...

Flood is a disaster......malaria, dengue and jaundice can spread
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Answer activity 13.1 of ch.13 class 9 Why do we fall ill

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When we do this exercise, we realise that health and disease in human communities are very complex issues, with many interconnected causes. We also realise that the ideas of what ‘health’ and ‘disease’ mean are themselves very complicated. When we ask what causes diseases and how we prevent them, we have to begin by asking what these notions mean. We have seen that cells are the basic units of living beings. Cells are made of a variety of chemical substances – proteins, carbohydrates, fats or lipids, and so on. Although the pictures look quite static, in reality the living cell is a dynamic place. Something or the other is always happening. Cells move from place to place. Even in cells that do not move, there is repair going on. New cells are being made. In our organs or tissues, there are various specialised activities going on – the heart is beating, the lungs are breathing, the kidney is filtering urine, the brain is thinking. All these activities are interconnected. For example, if the kidneys are not filtering urine, poisonous substances will accumulate. Under such conditions, the brain will not be able to think properly. For all these interconnected activities, energy and raw material are needed from outside the body. In other words, food is a necessity for cell and tissue functions. Anything that prevents proper functioning of cells and tissues will lead to a lack of proper activity of the body. It is in this context that we will now look at the notions of health and disease.

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