Plz explain no.15

Plz explain no.15 The graph Shoø•s c' light mtensity CO. on rate photcfi/nthesis Of Ch/orena: W hicn the exolains rhe diagræ-n (A) At 'Ow light light- is limiting but high fight intensity. COJ is — I nte«it•, C02 (Volume % in air) (E) Of chlorophyll molecules Limits rate Photosynthesis I s of light intensity there is not (O) Chlorophydf responds equally to light intensities and CP2 *wreby

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Please refer the solution below for the said query

The correct option is (A).

The factors that determine the rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, CO2 concentration and temperature. 

At low light intensities, the light dependent reaction is rate limiting as the products of light reactions i.e ATP and NADPH are not produced sufficiently. This will inturn affect dark reaction (reduction of carbon dioxide into sugar). While at high light intensity, some other factors like CO2 concentration may be a limiting factor as availability of light is very high. 

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