Plz explain the diff. types of joints in human boby, their structure and speciality.

Joints are important to allow flexible movement of body in various directions as required and perform different activities.

If there will be no joints then body become stiff and cause obstruction during movement. Our bones can easily get collapse often due to absence of joints.

The types of joint are as follows:-

  • Ball and socket joint- this joint is formed when one bone fits into the cavity of another bone. e.g- between arm and shoulder

  • Hinge joint:- It is just like the hinges present in doors to allow to and fro movement. Example – elbow joint and knee joint.

  • Pivotal joint-this type of joint are meant for rotation. Example- present in neck.

  • Fixed joint:- these are joint which do not allow movement.

    Example-bones present in head.


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