Plz find this

Plz find this a) two metals which are liquid at room (b) metal which do not corrode easily (c) a metal which lacks ductility, (d) a non-metal which is lustrous, (e) a non-metal which conducts electricity, (D a metal which is brittle, (g) two elements which are monoatomic, (h) two metallic oxides which are acidic, (i) two metallic oxides which are amphoteric, (j) two metals which react with cold water, (k) the compound responsible for green deposit surface of copper, (l) a non-metal which can form a positive ion, (m) a which shows reducing propeny, (n) a metal-whæe oxide is reduced only by cartx

Dear student,
Mercury (Hg) and gallium are liquid at room temperature. However, gallium liquifies just above ordinary room temperature.


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