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Plz find this thin what is ooring thunderstorm. contain. ExpJain with reactions 3 Ammonia is used in the Ostwald pr ocoSA. (a) Give the source of reactants used in this (b) Name the catalyst used in the process. (c) Name the oxidising agent used in this procee. (d) What is the ratio of ammonia and air taken in t. process ? (e) Why is quartz used in this process ? 4. (a) Writea balanced chemical equation for the preparation of nitric acid. (b) In the preparation of nitric acid from KNO concentrated hydrochloric acid is not used in place of concentrated sulphuric acid. Explain why ? (c) Conc. nitric acid prepared in laboratory is yellow in i colour. Why ? How is this colour removed ? (d) Give reasons for the following : In the laboratory preparation of nitric acid, the mixture of concentrated sulphuric acid and sodium nitrate should not be heated very strongly above 2000C. 5. (a) Nitric acid cannot be concentrated beyond 68% by the distillation of a dilute solution of HNOa. State the reason. (b) What is passive iron ? How is passivity removed? 6

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