Plz find this

Plz find this Rewrite the terms in the correct order so as to be in a logical sequence. (a) Implantation, ovulation, child birth, gestation, (b) (c) (d) (e) fertilisation. Coitus, ovum, sperm, sperm duct, urethra, vagina. Sperm duct, penis, testes, sperms, semen. puberty, menopause, menstruals, menarche, reproductive age. Graafian follicle, ostium, uterus, fallopian tube.

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(a) Ovulation, Fertilization, Implantation, Gestation, Child birth
(b) Sperm, sperm duct, urethra, coitus, vagina, ovum
(c) Testes, sperms, sperm duct, semen, penis
(d) Puberty, Menarche, Menstruals, Reproductive age, Menopause
(e) Graffian follicle, ostium, fallopian tube, uterus


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