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7. (i) Use the letters only written in the Periodic Table given below to answer the questions that follow:

(a) State the number of valence electrons in atom J.
(b) Which element shown forms ions with a single negative charge ?
(c) Which metallic element is more reactive then R?
(d) Which element has its electrons arranged in four shells?

(ii) Fill in the blanks by selecting the correct word from the brackets:

(a) If an element has a low ionisation energy then it is likely to be ........................... (Metallic / Non-Metallic)
(b) If an element has seven electrons in its outermost shell then it is likely to have the .............. (largest /smallest) atomic size among all the elements in the same period. 


Dear student,
(a) 5(as it is group 5)
(b) M(belong to halogens)
(c) T(reactivity increases as we move down.
(d)T(2,8.8,1) (potassium)

(ii) 1  metallic
       2 Smallest


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