plz give me solution of question number 12

plz give me solution of question number 12 Cheque recäved from Anurag deposited into Bank. (6) Rent paid by cheque 2,000. (Ans. J,'E Total 58,0001 12. Journalise the following transactions • 2017 July 3 Paid into B ank 5 Sold gtKxis fo r cash Paid into Bank I O Purchased goods from San di p worth 2,000 and gave him a cheque for the amount 15 Purchase d goods on c rodit from Ruv i Ranj an 20 paid to Ra v i Ranj an by beare r cheque 25 Cash sales against bearer cheque 30 Purchased m achinery for 1 and gave Bank draft for the amount 31 Received a cheque of 5,000 from Mukesh and deposited into Bank IAns. J/E Total 57,000] 13. Journalising the following transactions : 2017 Dec. 1 Hema started Business with cash O ened a Bank account with SBI 15. (m 8,000 5,000 5,000 2,o€KJ 30,000

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