plz give me summary of gaban book by premchand of around 10 pages

The novel has been able to show the conditions of rural areas of India before its independence.The main lead character in this novel is Ramanath who is depicted as charming and slight cowardish man.He is well known for his lies which soon land him in trouble..It all begins with his marriage with Jalpa.Jalpa is a kind of woman who can go to any extent for her for the jewelleries. To overcome with wedding expenses,Ramanath steals her jewels .When hesee her sad face, he promises to get her jewels.As we go on, a number of tragic events come as an outcome of herobsession.Later he gets trapped in debt. To overcome this, he embezzles money from his own office.Fear from the police make him leavehis home and move to Calcutta.When Jalpa came to know about this,she realises her fault and her love for husband grows.She then return the money by selling her jewels.Unaware of the fact that all is now quiet on embezzlement ,Ramanath lands in another trouble as he gets caught up in a policeversus Congress clash.The daroga then convinces Ramanath to give false testimony about non violent freedom fighters.In return, he wouldfree him from his embezzlemence. However, Jalpa's brave attitude prevents Rama from gulping down government money and brings a sense ofredemption in him.The title 'Gaban' means embezzlement.Embezzlement means the fraudulent appropriation of money entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone elsemeans. And it is completly justified.Due to its fear, Rama left his home and decided to givefalse testimony in order to free himself from embezzlemence. But he didn't knew that Jalpa has returned the money by puttingher jewels and so he was not responsible for anything.The story does at the beginning go slowly.But it also goes interesting.The novel also shows the corruption style of the country.The novel is all about missunderstandings, jealousy, longings and sacrifice.Thereare also other characters with different nature.The story is so nicely written that their presence become necessary. Comparisons between characters is timed beautifully. The writer expresses the paragraphs in a way which perfectly describes the character, the surroundings and the situation. The dialogues used in this novel are the most suited to the characters. This is clearly seen from very first page of story.The writer Premchand also made women quite central and powerful in this novel.Rama's wife Jalpa at the beginning was very fond of jewels. After some events her heart changed. She no longer wanted the jewels. She then removes the burden of Rama by selling them. She also rescued him from illegal means. She was also courageous as she went to Calcutta. She was also a very nice friend and good at talking. At last she finally deserved herself to a wife by protecting her husband.At last I would like to say this novel is great and interesting and full of twists.Most of the issues discussed are almost as valid todayas they were in novel.This also shows that when our heart changes and we realize what we were doing, to what extent we can go and try to make things better not only for ourselves butpeople around us. I think this novel as a must read one. I am sure that after reading this novel

the reader will think again and again.
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how does lencho have complete but in which centres in the story tell you this
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