Plz give the character sketch of Marcy, Duke and Chuck Hooper from the chapter A Dog Named Duke

Dear student,
  • Marcy was a loving and caring wife of Hooper. She was very supportive. After Hooper met with an accident she supported him in every way possible and helped Hooper regain his self-confidence. 
  • Duke was a very good and loyal dog. It supported the family the most when the latter faced a huge crisis time. Duke taught Chuck the lessons on determination, perseverance, will power and undeterred patience. He became the guiding light for progress in Chuck's health. He did what the medical world failed to do. His loyalty and hard-work is praiseworthy.
  • Charles Chuck Hooper was a very strong healthy and efficient man before he met with an accident. After accident his health became fragile because of which he became incompetent and slow as work. However, with the help pf Duke, his dog he regained courage and enthusiasm to fight against all odds to achieve strong goals. His will power and extreme undeterred perseverance made him do what medical science failed to do.

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