plz help me guys in solving this bio assignment.plz give explaination too????

plz help me guys in solving this bio assignment.plz give explaination too???? Of in (a) only Sy nuking &tailcd of the "h plant in it (b) by of deficiency shown by pl•nt growing in it (c) by the of by the of pln 2. '*served tE•t parts in muddy than in rain water, why? (a) M Wuer had most 01 essential elements dissolved in (b) Muddy water tud micronutrients dissolved in (c) Muuy dissolved in (d) None of is correct 3. EDTA IS commonly used in tissue culture. It (a) viamin (c) enzyme pluts absab cu-boa form of (a) from (b) C02 from thx soil (c) from the atmosphere (O carbonates 5, Critical elemeMs (b) N.S.K (4 P.K.s 6. Minerals salts by tbe roots fron the soil are in the form of (a) ven dilute solution (b) dilute Elution very solution Micronutrients (a) are less important io nutrition than macro (e) fto• culture dfect 00 they play • S. Whx of •n is essentiall (a) Plants unnot complete vegetative reprc*xtive cycle (b) bc substituted by element (c) It d"ectly in 9. Who recorded first mineral elements in plant (c) Van Hebnt (IJ Neoe or the above 10. One cf i' • rracronue-•eot. (a) Nit*' (c) Coppt It. Following •e called elements C. MBP,K 12. Which one of the following micronutrient is required by plants in qanity' (a) MO 13. Which element is common to nucleic acid' phospholipids. ATP. NADPHI (b) (a) Calcium (c) ZitK 14. They ze protoplasmic elements. (a) C,O,N,s All IS. true clearnB of ønts ee (a) tnag*'ium. and iron (b) cubon and o"gen hyåogen oxygen

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4. Plants absorb CO2 from atmosphere.

10. Copper is a micronutrient. 

12. Mo (Molybdenum) is required in least quantity. 

13. Phosphorous is present in nucleic acids, ATP, ADP, NADPH.

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