plz read this carefully and answer :
If block A is moving on block B ,and both the blocks are moving and in the same direction and speed ,then there is no relative motion between block A and block B . But block B is moving on ground so there exists a relative motion between block B and the ground , no matter block B is moving or not .plz tell me i am right or wrong about this concept .Also tell what will happen if the blocks are moving with unequal speed or in the opposite direction . 

Dear Student
   Block A is on block A and they are moving in same direction with same velocity. Than the relative velocity is va-vb=0
The ground velocity is zero. So relatiove velocity with respect to ground will be vgb=v-0=v
If they are moving in different directions than vab=va-(-vb)=2v if they are

if they have same velocity in opposite directions.


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