Plz slove all question answer this book name falmingo and chapter name the lost spring

Dear student,

The answer to question three is as follows:
The children born into the family of the bangle sellers inherit their father's occupation. It is in their destiny to go blind with the dust from polishing the glass of bangles.Once born in the caste of bangle makers they would see nothing but bangles, in the house, yard, every other house and every other yard as well as in every street of Firozabad. Spirals of bangles in every imaginable colour lay in mounds of unkempt yards, piled on four-wheeled handcarts, pushed by young men along the narrow lanes of the shanty town. In the dark hutments, next to lines of flames of flickering oil lamps, young boys and girls sat with their parents, welding pieces of coloured glass into circles of bangles. Their eyes were more adjusted to the dark than to the light outside and which is why they would often end up losing their eyesight before they became adults.

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