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Dear Student

You have asked multiple question in single thread ,Always ask single question so that we can help you at the earliest. However as i had answered 1st question previously , Here is the answer for 2nd Question .

Ans -
Date Particulars   Debit Amount (Rs.) Credit Amount (Rs.)
  Depreciation  (20,000 x 15% x 6/12) Dr. 1,500  
    To Furniture     1,500
  (Being depreciation charged on furnitture)      
  Cash A/c (15,000 x 60/100) Dr. 9,000  
  Bad Debt A/c Dr. 6,000  
    To Ramesh A/c     15,000
  (Being Ramesh declared insolvent and we recovered only 60% of amount)      
  Rent Expense A/c Dr. 800  
    TO Land Lord A/c     800
  (Being Rent due to Land lord)      
  Cash A/c Dr. 2,200  
    TO Interest on loan A/c     2,200
  (Being Loan interest received from vimal in cash)      
  Life insurance Premium Dr. 700  
    To Cash A/c     700
  (Being Life insurance premium paid)      


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