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Dear Student

Opening entry :
Cash In hand  Dr. 28,000  
Cash at bank   Dr. 50,000  
Stock of goods Dr. 16,500  
Gautam  Dr. 18,000  
  To Hemant A/c     15,000
  To Capital A/c (Balancing figure)     97,500
(Being opening assets and liabilities recorded)      

Transactions :
Date Particulars   Debit Amount (Rs.) Credit Amount (Rs.)
3 Purchase Dr. 4,000  
    To Cash     4,000
  (Being goods purchased for cash)      
5 Bank A/c Dr. 10,000  
    To Cash A/c     10,000
  (Being cash deposited in bank)      
8 Dhiraj Dr. 10,000  
    To Sales A/c     10,000
  (Being goods sold to dhiraj)      
10 Advertisement Expenses Dr. 1,600  
    To Cash A/c     1,600
  (Being Advertisement expenses paid)      
11 Wages Dr. 6,800  
    To Cash A/c     6,800
  (Being wages paid)      
13 Purchase A/c Dr. 14,000  
    To Hemant A/c     14,000
  (Being goods purchased from hemant)      
14 Stationery A/c Dr. 600  
    To Cash A/c     600
  (Being paid for stationery)      
16 Hemant Dr. 2,000  
    To Purchase Return A/c     2,000
  (Being goods returned)      
19 Hemant  Dr. 8,200  
    To Discount Received     200
    To Bank      8,000
  (Being paid to hemant and received Rs 200 discount)      
20 Salary A/c Dr. 10,500  
    To Cash A/c     10,500
  (Being Salaries paid)      
23 Drawings A/c Dr. 5,000  
    To Bank A/c     5,000
  (Being cash withdrawn from bak for personal expenses)      
25 Krishna & Co. Dr. 13,000  
    To Sales     13,000
  (Being sold to krishna & Co.)      
26 Cash A/c Dr. 6,000  
    To Sales     6,000
  (Being goods sold for cash)      
31 Bank Charges Dr. 150  
    To Bank     150
  (Being bank charges deducted by bank)      
  Claim for Defective goods Dr. 1,200  
    To Krishna & Co.     1,200
  (Being claim admitted to krishna & co. for defective goods)      

Please note that For entry of Dec 23 , It is given that Withdrew cash for personal use , Here i have treated it as Cash withdrawn from bank for personal use, hence directly debited Drawings and credited bank .

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