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Dear Student


Date Particulars   Debit Amount (Rs.) Credit Amount (Rs.)
  Cash A/c Dr. 200,000  
    To Capital A/c     200,000
  (Being Business started with cash)      
  Purchase A/c Dr. 10,000  
    To Cash A/c     9,500
    To Discount Received     500
  (Being Purchased goods at 5% Cash discount )      
  Cash A/c Dr. 12,825  
  Discount Allowed A/c (13,500 x 5/100) Dr. 675  
    To Sales     13,500
  (Being goods of Rs 15,000 sold at 10% trade discount and 5% cash discount)      
  Charity expenses Dr. 1,100  
    TO Cash A/c     1,100
  (Being charity done)      
  Purchase A/c Dr. 8,000  
    To Cash A/c     8,000
  (Being goods purchased from ram for cash)      
  Hanumant A/c Dr. 18,000  
    To Sales     18,000
  (Being goods worth Rs 20,000 sold to hanumant at 10% trade discount)      
  Cash A/c Dr. 10,260  
  Discount Allowed A/c Dr. 540  
    To Hanumant A/c     10,800
  (Being 60% amount received from hanumant at 5% discount allowed)      
  Purchase A/c Dr. 8,000  
    To Sohan     8,000
  (Being goods purchased from sohan)      
  Mr. Manohar A/c Dr. 11,650  
    TO Sales     11,650
  (Sold goods to MR manohar)      
  Bank A/c Dr. 2,000  
    To Commission received     2,000
  (Being commission received through cheque)      
  Electricity expenses Dr. 1,500  
    To Cash A/c     1,500
  (Being electricity bill paid)      
  Salary A/c Dr. 8,500  
    To Accountant     8,500
  (Being salary due to accountant)      
  Interest on Capital A/c (2,00,000 x 12/100) Dr. 24,000  
    To Capital A/c     24,000
  (Being interest on capital credited to capital A/c)      
  Cash A/c Dr. 11,500  
  Discount Allowed A/c Dr. 150  
    Mr. Manohar A/c     11,650
  (Being money received from Mr. Manohar in full settlement)      

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