Plz slove this project on industry

Plz slove this project on industry 0.00k/sßB 6:1gPM Xi Projéct Industry akash raghav. gorav, imran, naveen, ruchi... naveen Mm bhupender made this grp.... 5:58 PM Usne project Industry nhii likha... 5:58 PM ruchi man this project contain 10 pages 1. introduction 2. certificate 3. acknowledgement 4. index 5. introduction of industry and its features 6. problems feced by industry 7. state of industry on the eve of independence 8. diagrams or graphs 9. remedies 10. bibliograhy ype a message 6:04 PM Sorry mam 6:14 PMv'

Dear student,

These type of projects work are to be done by yourself only, In case you have doubt in a particular topic than post the same, rest the topics to be covered in project are available in study material available at our site, you can easily get sufficient data from there,
In case of any further query, please post the same,


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