Plz solve 11th and 12th..

Plz solve 11th and 12th.. The shape of G (A) Tetrahedral (C) (B) Linear 12. Which of the following will be octahedral ? S (A) SFs (C) PC15 (D) xeF6

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According to VSEPR
I3 - belongs to AB2L3 type molecule. Where A=  is central atom, B is bonded atoms and L is number of lone pairs.
In I3 -, the central atom I has seven valence electrons (5s2 5p5) and one extra electron is present due to charge. So in total there are 8 electrons surrounding the central atom. In the formation of I3 -, there are two bond pairs and three lone pairs. These five electron pairs adopt trigonal bipyramidal geometry with three positions occupied with lone pairs. Since the three lone pairs are present at the corners of an equilateral triangle, the net repulsion on the bonds due to lone pairs is zero. Thus, the molecule has linear geometry.
Shape of I3 - molecule: Linear

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This is the ans i hope

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This is the ans.

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