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24. The cross-section Of a of metal 2m in length shown in the adjoining figure Calculate: (i) the area of its cross-section; (ii) the volume of piece of metal; (iii) the weight of piece of metal to the nearest kg, if 1 or the metal weighs 6.5g.

25. The adjoining figure shows the cross-section of a concrete wall to be constructed. It is 1.9 cm wide at the bottom, 90 cm wide at the top and 5 m high. If its length is 20 m, find • (i) the cross-sectional area; (ii) the volume of the concrete in the wall.

26. A square brass plate of side x cm is 1 mm thick and weighs 5.44 kg. If 1 cm^3 of brass weighs 8.5 g, find the value of x.

27. The area of cross-section of a rectangular pipe is 5.4 cm^2 and water is pumped out of it at the rate Of
27 kmph. Find, in litres, the volume of water which flows Out of the pipe in 1 minute.

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