Plz solve meritnation experts in a paper????

Points for the story :
1. Cycling competition
2. Race across mountains
3. Cyclist's first competition
4. He whizzed past others
5. He fell down and was last at the race
6. He reached the top of the mountain
7. Felt as a life time achievement
8. The sunrise gave him new inspiration
9. Pedalled very fast
10. Came First
11. Everybody appreciated.

Hope this helps.??
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Cycling competition, Race across mountains, Cyclist's first competition,  He whizzed past others,  He fell and was last at the race, He reached the top of the mountain,  Felt like a lifetime achievement,  The sunrise gave him new inspiration,  Pedalled very fast, Came First, Everybody appreciated.
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@Vanshika_Nain How dare you copy my answer ? If you don't know the answer, stop cheating at least.
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