Plz. Solve Q no. 8 for 2 mark question

Plz. Solve Q no. 8 for 2 mark question bvtvvccn cetnplcte and inculnplete linkage. "Pcwsibility oftemale becoming a haemophilic is extremely rare" Justify.

if female become hemophilic due to excessive loss of blood during mensuration cycle it dies or suffer from aneamia.
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Haemophilia is a X linked genetic disorder. Males have one X and one Y allosomal chromosome while females have two X allosomal chromosomes. If a woman is a carrier then she has one dominant trait to cover the haemophilic recessive trait while in males it is the opposite, i.e., they do not have a dominant trait to cover the recessive trait if it is present on the X chromosome hence they are more prone to haemophilia than females. Thus, it is a very rare case of the possibility of haemophilic females, since it requires both the traits to be recessive in the female allolosome chromosomes.
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