Plz solve Q4 in a sheet of paper plz help me ???i want the ans in a paper plz ??????

Dear Student,

Such questions develop your self-creativity and should be answered by your own. However, the following points can help you frame your answer:
Climate change is an alarming effect of continuous exploitation of nature and natural resources by human beings. Every individual share equal responsibility for taking care of this planet. The drastic temperature deviations can put an adverse impact and make the survival of organisms really difficult. Climate change is a serious global issue that should be understood by each and everyone regardless of their geographical, economical or societal origin. The following are some actions we can take in our daily activities to reduce this effect to a great extent:
- Reforestation or plantation as much as we can
- Use of public transport instead of personal vehicles so as to reduce the release of harmful gases into the environment.
- Reuse, recycle and refinement are the 3Rs of risk management. This theory can be followed at every aspect to reduce the usage of natural resources. 
- Unnecessary usage of air condition at home and public places can be avoided to save the environment

You can further add, change and expand these points to complete your answer. Please contact us in case you have any further doubts.

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