Plz solve Q4 only i want the introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph also suitable title i want .even i want the introduction para means how should i begin that basically plz experts reply i want my ans as soon as possible

Dear Student,
You can start the answer as follows:
- ABC Water Purifier Company aims at providing customers the best of facilities. We are overwhelmed by your response and support that have made our company one of the best in the country. In addition to the advanced technology water purification, our company has now taken a step forward towards the improvement of social justice and sustainable development in our community.
Based on the above plan,  the following schemes are added to the company agenda:
- - Digitization of work, Converting into a paperless company
- -  Use of Solar energy in the office premises
- - A few plants to be set up in rural areas to give employment to the village people

​​​​​​Please give your valuable suggestions on this proposal. 

Hope this helps.


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