Plz solve Qno. 11

Plz solve Qno. 11 x x .sxgyxg:gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx m. a, supports length d the cracker. through a distance 60 cm. when a bad o' o' (i) volocity ratio mechanical advantage (iii) efficiency A applying an offOrt of 100 N in the downward Mare •n tho fiau'O. ratio 01 tho machine? d omc.oncy of tho machine. (Ans. b. 1 c. 0.9 d. 900/01 9. 10. Calculate (i) velocity ratio (ii) mechanical advantage (iii) efficiency of a machine which overcomes a of 300 N through a distance 01 0.12 m when an effort of 100 N acts through a distance (Ans. (i) 4 (ii) 3 75%1 of 048 m, A pal' of is uood to cut a cloth placed 2 cm trom the rivet. A force Of 6 kgf is applied by the finger' from the rivet. What is the resistance offered by the cloth? (Ans. 165 kgf1 A pulley systom has five pulleys in all and is 75% efficient. Calculate (a) MA (b) an effort required to lit' a o' 1875 N (c) tho resistarwe due to movable parts of the pulley system. [Ans. (a) 3.75 (b) 500 N (c) 625 NI

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