Plz solve the 7th question

Plz solve the 7th question 7. 8. (A) A plane wave y = a sin (bx + Ct) is incident on a surface. Equation ot- the reflected wave is y' = a' sin(ct—bx). Which of the following statements is not correct ? (A) The wave is incident on the surface normally. (B) Reflecting surface is plane. (C) Medium. in which incident wave is travelling. is denser than the other medium. (D) a' cannot be greater than a. A string of length is fixed at both ends. It is vibrating in its overtone with maximum amplitu

Dear student ,

​​​​​​Here the reflection is happening not refraction then medium will not change in reflection . Hence the option C mentioned medium changes from rarer to denser .
hence option C incorrect

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