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​A thick hollow sphere​ has an outer radius of Ro. It rolls down an inclined plane without slipping and its speed at bottom is Vnot. Now the incline waxed so that it is practically frictionless and sphere is observed to slide down. Speed at bottom is 5Vo/4. Radius of gyration of hollow sphere about an axis through its centre is ?

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let the height of the incline plane is H.1)Incase of rolling of sphere .Applyng conservation of energy .mgh=12mv2o(1+k2R2)...1  (K is radius of gyration)2) in case of sliding when no rolling takes place. Applyng conservation of energymgh=12m(5vo4)2mgh=12m(25v2o16)...2putting value of mgh in eqn 1 mgh=12mv2o(1+k2R2)12m(25v2o16)=12mv2o(1+k2R2)(2516)=(1+k2R2)k2R2=2516-1=916kR=34k=34RRegards

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