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plz solve these all questions a rew parameters on which statistical information is published in Census of India. 6 Write (i) Size. growth rate and distribution of population in India. (i) Population projections. (iii) Density of population. (iv) Sex composition of population. [3-4 marks] ilse) Ise) ise) Short Answer Type Questions 1, Define data. What are the main sources of data? 2 Distinguish between primary and secondary source of data. 3, Define primary and secondary data. Give one example of each. 4. Differentiate between primary and secondary data. 5. I-frat are the main methods of collecting primary data? 6. What is meant by direct personal investigation? Give its merits and demerits. 7. What is meant by indirect oral investigation? Give its merits and demerits. 8, What is meant by questionnaire? What is the difference between questionnaire and schedule? 9. What are the qualities of a good questionnaire? 10. What are the main sources of secondary data? 11. What precautions are necessary to use secondary data? 12. Define the terms (i) investigator, (ii) enumerator, and (iii) respondent. 13. What are (i) measurement errors, and (ii) recording mistakes? 14. What are the main sources of errors in the collection of data? 15 tensus of India provide statistical information on various aspects of demographic changes in India." Explain. 16. "Secondary data are those which are already in existence, and which have been collected, for some other purpose than the answering of the question in hand." Substantiate this statement focusing on the difference between primary and secondary data. 17. Statistical tables giving district-wise birth and death rates (number of births and deaths per 1 ,000 of population) are obtained from publications of the Census of India 2011. Would you call them primary or secondary data? Give boo reasons in support of your answer. 3. Long Answer Type Questions [6 marks) f. What are primary data? Enumerate the various methods of collecting primary data. Discuss the merits and demerits of any one of them. 2. What are secondary data? Discuss the various sources of collecting secondary data. 3 Distinguish between primary data and secondary data. Which of hese two sets of data is mue reliable and why? Collectk)n of Data

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Ans3) Primary data - Data collected it by the investigator for his own purpose for the first time from beginning to end is called primary data.
Secondary data- Data are those which are already in existence these are collected from sources like documents, newspaper , website etc.
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1)Direct personal investigation.
2)Indirect oral investigation.
3)Information of local resources.
4)Information through questionnaire.
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1) Number of questions.
2)Simple and clear.
3)Proper arrangement of questions.
4)No personal questions.
5)No mathematical Calculations.
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1) Published sources :- like govt publications,sami govt publications, general and newspaper,international publication, publication of research scholars.
2)Unpublished Sources:- This data is collected by the organisation for their self use or office record these are not published.
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The monthly expenditure of 5 households are 1550,1715,1690,820,1150. Find the average expenditure.
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