Plz solve this and explain it in detail.

For the parallel combination of cells, effective emf is E and effective internal resistance is r×rr+r=r2.
This combination is in series with another cell of emf E and internal resistance, r.
Thus, the net emf of this mixed combination of 3 cells, Eo = E + E = 2E.
the equivalent internal resistance of this mixed combination of cells, ro=r2+r=3r2
Thus, current across the load R is
Power dissipated by the resistor,
P=i2R=4E2R+3r2RThe power dissipated will be maximum when,dPdR=0Thus,ddR4E2R+3r2R=016E2ddR12R+3r2R=016E2 cannot be 0, thusddR12R+3r2R=0ddRR2R+3r2=02R+3r2.1-R.22R+3r.22R+3r4=02R+3r2.1-R.22R+3r.2=02R+3r2=4R2R+3r2R+3r=4R2R=3rR=3r2
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