plz solve this ques 33

plz solve this ques 33 X = 2 and = l. •Find a and b. 7). and y 29. Solve . 5 + 3(3x-2y) = 3 5 5(3x-2y) - 60 4(x+2y) ¯ 3 2 61 find the value = 49, find + (c — a)3 in factors c - 3a)3 30. A man invested certain amount of money in two schemes A and B which offer interest at the rate of 8% per annum and 9% per annum respectivley. He received 1,860 as annual interest. However. if he had interchanged the amount of investments in the two schemes, he would have received 20 more as annual interest. How much money did he invest in each scheme ? M. Some money is to be distributed equally among children of a locality. If there are 8 children less, every one will get 10 more and if there are 16 children more, every one will get 10 less. What is the total amount of money to be distributed ? 32. 3 men and 4 boys can do a piece of work in 14 days, while 4 men and 6 boys can do it in 10 days. How long would it take I boy to finish the work ? 33. A train leaves New Delhi for Ludhiana, 324 km away, at 9 a.m. One hour later, antoher train leaves Ludhiana for New Delhi. "Ihe met at noon. If the second train had started at 9 a.m. and the first train at 10.30 a.m., they both would still have met at noon. Find the speed of each train. 38. 39. 40. 41 34. Beaker A contains sugar solution with 18 percent sugar. beaker B contains sugar solution with 12 percent sugar. How much of each must he mixed together to get solution of 16 percent sugar weighing 240 gm of it ? 7.

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